by Polygons

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released January 31, 2014

Michael Helms - Guitar
Jordan "Snazz" Taylor - Guitar
Garrett Jones - Vocals
Ryan Howe - Bass
Jordan Goldston - Drums

Produced and Mixed by Michael Helms




Polygons Raleigh, North Carolina

Confusing people in the pit with odd time signatures since 2011!

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Track Name: The Flood
As the flood drowns all you know
We wade through the rising tides
I'm never letting you go
Dark clouds are gathering and the thunder is roaring
The path has been traced for us, it leads to the end of the earth

As the flood waters come crashing down and the sky turns to flame
We must keep running through the night, take my hand and never let go
This is the end
Track Name: Fracture
Dark clouds are gathering, as fire fills my eyes with infinite destruction
A complete breakdown of social order and structure followed by an affliction of loss and despair.

Contact has been established, but we're too far away to be saved.
Hold tight if we want to survive

Running from the setting sun, hydroplaning out of control
Looking up to a violent sky with streaks of light
Unpredictable, unparalleled, this must be the end

"Wait!", I exclaimed, "you're telling me that they've known this was coming?"
I could see the shame on her face as she handed me our only chance to survive.
Rage building; how could this be kept hidden for so long?
Track Name: Celestial Imbalance
Tearing apart the dimensional border that has kept existence in tact
A gravitational influx ripping us apart

The gods you once worshiped, burning bright in the night sky
Now lie dead and dormant, exiled from above

Cast down your perceptions of reality
Were you so naive to think this world would never end
The tides are rising, the storms are raging
The ozone is melting away

Free from their gravitational slavery the planets form a spatial mosh pit
Thrown from its orbit Earth is thrown into cataclysmic cycles of inferno and frost
The moon is shattered raining down on survivors below

As the universe is split further, new tears emerge
Annihilation is imminent when positive meets negative

By the thousands they are burned away from overexposure to cosmic rays

Life as you know it will cease to exist—things look bleak as I turn away
Track Name: Rifts
Shattering at the speed of light a supernova sets fire to the night
The end is upon us, and we have only one chance to survive

The end is upon us, celestial imbalance has been obtained
The threshold has been reached, its now or never.

Flames engulf the world around us as galaxies collide, and our reality is shredded by the cosmic vortex. Standing at the gate to our salvation electricity is surging through me, this is the time. The path was traced for us like some divine plan, and I can still hear the thunder roaring.
Track Name: Collapse
We've survived floods, gamma ray bursts, and apocalyptic storms, but now it looks like we'll die at the finish line cut off short from victory. One by one the shuttles line up ready for launch; every second that passes is another second closer to our demises.

Hair standing up on end, time seems to be at a stand still. The rift opens up with a surge of raw energy, sending a shock wave coursing through my skin