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by Polygons

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released October 1, 2012

Michael Helms - Guitar
Jordan "Snazz" Taylor - Guitar
Garrett Jones - Vocals
Ray Zulkowski - Bass
Jordan Goldston - Drums

Produced and Mixed by Michael Helms



all rights reserved


Polygons Raleigh, North Carolina

Confusing people in the pit with odd time signatures since 2011!

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Track Name: Djedi
This growing fear, this painful anxiety,
has taken its toll on me
Erase my memory!
My mind is filled with these crippling whispers

Wondering through this nightmare
I ask myself if this is all worth it
A cold response returns no
and in this animosity I find some comfort

But it all flashes back to me in an instant
This spiraling mental decline seems endless

Set off by shock my mind could not comprehend
Your true nature was displayed at its worst

Through my eyes, colors fade into nothing

As I approach the line, the feeling comes back to me
Drowned by the ocean filled with my doubts
end this hurricane raging in my thoughts

Looking through this shattered glass its clear...there's nothing there
There's nothing there for me

Colors fade into nothing
Take me away
Track Name: Gaze Into The Void
Reach into the nothingness, consuming your sight
Lost in a timeless expansion
The burning silence calls your name
A darkness comes forth, engulfing all that ever was

The true meaning of nothing lies before you
Residing in obscurity, a state of omniscience

It came before legends of man
It came before legends of gods
It is creation and end of all

Bending Reality; rendering past discernments obsolete

This is a place that exists in everything
And yet fails to be seen in anything
A pitch black, freezing midnight
A shadow lost in it's own echoes

Shatter this false perception
Find what really lurks inside us all
Gaze into the void and be stricken with emptiness
Track Name: Berserk Emu Rage
Left to die at the gates of hell
Tied to chains of your betrayal
Revenge I'll take when I see your face
Torment I will create

I never thought it would come to this
Your pride at my expense
Cast you out from existence
Now you mean nothing
But I can only hope, that your death comes slow

Take a look back at your life
Because its all about to end
You're just too little too late
Take a look back at your life
Because its all about to end

Take it in; this beautiful massacre

You exiled me into your hatred
And now you are the victim of mine
I have come
To destroy you
Track Name: Teach Me How To Djent!
Sometimes I wonder
How you can blow it up in my face
Make me to feel, like I'm a disgrace
like I am nothing, like I mean nothing to you

Blinded my eyes from staring at this sun for too long
I have blinded my eyes from your hatred

I feel, the world coming down upon me.
It beats me down and lays out my failures
So bitter, it reminds me of you
And how you killed me

Erase the sun, as I escape from what has blistered me
The scar tissue is set in stone, but our future is not
Things look bleak, as I turn away.

How can we live such fragile lives and expect so much, when we won't
do for ourselves
I am just one, but this life means so much more than that.
Everything has its purpose and its place.
In His eyes, we are One. We are One.
Track Name: Snake Smasher
The denial that someones gone can overtake you
"It can't be, that's not true, its all a lie she can't be gone"

She's gone she'll never return
Someone so young and full of life
So innocent and undeserving
Ripped away quick as night turns to day

"Why wasn't I better? Why couldn't I help?
If only I told her, if only I was there"
The self loathing, the self blaming will consume all you are

She's gone she'll never return
Someone so young and full of life
So innocent and undeserving
Ripped away quick as night turns to day

Your every fiber is hellbent on pointing the blame at you
Reminiscing on the times together, wishing for a chance
A chance for a final goodbye