Granny Granola

from by Polygons

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Contact ended abruptly
Signal lost, and without warning -

Flashes of light fill the sky
Cities turned into glass
Crippled and shattered
Reduced to human cattle

Blinding nauseous green lights
Devoid of all warmth
Cold and calculated torture

Suspended in mid air
As muscles tear
Filling with dread
From voices in my head
Lasers slice the skin
Organs ripped within
Now losing sight
Blinded from light

Drill pierce the skull
Cognition dulls
Nitrogen flood
Crystallized blood
Razors slicing through my back - spinal column extract
consciousness hijacked, brain and spine remain in tact

Human extinction threat
Too advance to comprehend
Thermonuclear retaliation must begin

Nothing stands from the radioactive decay

Millions more begin descending from the sky
Our response has rendered them exasperated
Horror stricken defenders disintegrated
Ominous Mechanobiology

From the outer reaches of space they have arrived
They have arrived and we cannot stand in their way

For what purpose have they come
To what end do they seek with our destruction
Cowering at the feet of angry gods
Humanity reduced to rubble


from Granny Granola, released March 4, 2016




Polygons Raleigh, North Carolina

Confusing people in the pit with odd time signatures since 2011!

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